This display System is designed to increase the profitability of keno by displaying game results and promotions in an exciting and visually appealing manner.


  • PC Windows Based
  • Easily Configurable
  • Pictures, Text, Sounds, Videos, Sprites
  • Uses standard Windows formats (.BMP, .AVI, .WAV, etc.)
  • Can accommodate any language that Windows supports
  • Easy to author new animations
  • Full Screen advertisements (Video or Still Images)
  • Multiple Monitors (each with different information)
  • Easily Expanded
  • Event Scheduling
  • Screen Transitions
  • Different Communication's methods (Serial, TCP/IP, Internal, etc).
  • Down line loadable
Design Goals

This system has been designed to reach a wide an audience as possible for a variety of display applications. With that design goal in mind several communications protocols are supported (Serial, TCP/IP, etc.). Different host formats can be implemented quite simply by writing a new module to handle that format and translate the incoming message to the standard internal format.

The display system has been fully optimised for low memory and resource usage so that other applications can co-exist without a significant degradation of performance.

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